Ludlow's Lesson #4: Life Continues

Ludlow's Island Resort

Apr 28, 2021
Sep 22, 2022
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As we head into the spring of 1931, Hod and Leon had both decided to find work. They had spent the winter helping the neighbors in exchange for meals, and often spent nights playing cards with them.

Leon took a job at Goodwill's (now Muskego Resort), and Hod found a job at Bement's working as a fishing guide. The Bement's were very wealthy, having made their money in the oil industry, and had a very large log cabin on the north shore. Not only did they hire Hod as a fishing guide, they also had a couple with them who worked as their cook and butler.

As Mr. Bement thought a motor would adversely impact his fishing, Hod was relied upon to row the boat. This he did every day it didn't rain, all day long...he would row all around the north shore of Niles Bay and occasionally all the way around Wakemup Bay (although he did get to motor down to the start of the bay)!

Mr. Bement had a horse, Nellie, who was turned loose during the summer. The time came for haying and it was up to Hod and the butler to track down a mower and rake from a local farmer, bring it across the lake on a skow, find Nellie and go about putting up hay for the winter. Hod said the rake was so wide it had to be zigzagged through the trees to get to the field. Nellie was used to mow and rake and then haul the hay to the barn...she really worked for her food!!!

Our next lesson will focus on Night Owl - our original Lake Vermilion cabin!