Retreats at Ludlow's

Whether you’re planning an intimate retreat or a larger meeting, we give you the resources for a successful conference, all in one package.

Entertain and Meet with Your Colleagues

We customize meals, accommodations, your leisure activities, and your professional meeting requirements—all in a sequestered setting away from distractions. You can focus 100% on your objectives, spend quality time with your employees or clients, and leave the details to us.

We host only one meeting at a time, so our focus is totally on your needs and agenda. Our corporate guests select us for our service, privacy, and the opportunity to spend quality time with clients, friends, or employees.

Pricing for Company Retreats & Meetings

Rates range from $180 to $300 per day depending on the time of the year, and include:

  • Three meals each day
  • Comfortable cottages with fireplaces, situated in a northwoods setting
  • Guided fishing and fishing clinics
  • Boats and motors for the water enthusiasts
  • Tennis, pickleball, and racquetball at our South Shore Recreation Complex
  • Golf: Three championship golf courses within an hour of Ludlow’s (The Wilderness, The Legend and The Quarry)
  • Pontoon tours of Lake Vermilion
  • Hiking on wooded trail
  • Use of canoes, sailboat, sauna, paddle boat and all other facilities

Plan Your Retreat

Get away to get together! Our private environment allows you to accomplish your goals in a comfortable northwoods setting.

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