We’ll launch and pull your boat for you, provide covered dockage, and store your trailer throughout your stay. For these services, a one-time fee of $60 will be applied to your final bill.

Each off-island cabin has its own covered dockage. For guests staying in island cabins, boats are docked in our central boathouse on the south side of the island, as can be seen in the map below.

Preventing the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species
With the spread of harmful invasive species to lakes in the area, we at Ludlow’s are doing our best to protect the waters of Lake Vermilion. Please help us in this mission by reading and following these directions.

  • Remove any visible plants and animals from your boat, trailer, and other boating equipment before leaving any water body.
  • Drain water from the motor, live-well, bilge and transom wells at the ramp or access before leaving any water body.
  • Dispose of unwanted minnows and leeches on shore. Never release live bait into a water body, or release aquatic animals from one water body into another.
  • At the boat launch, wash and dry your boat and other boating equipment to kill exotic animal species that are not visible. Before transporting to another water, do one of the following:
  • Rinse with hot tap water
  • Spray with high-pressure water such as at a carwash
  • Dry for at least 5 days

By following these simple steps we can help keep Lake Vermilion beautiful for years to come. Thank you for your cooperation.

Bring Your Own Boat

Please let us know prior to your arrival that you will be bringing your personal boat, so that we can reserve a covered slip for you.

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