New at Ludlow’s in 2020

Ludlow's Island Resort

Jan 23, 2020
Sep 22, 2022
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It’s winter on Lake Vermilion, and, as always, we’re hard at work on updates to our cabins and the resort grounds.

Coffeetime, a favorite five-bedroom cabin on the island, is getting some major renovations over the winter. The kitchen is being expanded to encompass the space that was once the dining room and will include more cabinet and counter space. The living room is being opened up into the screened porch, which will be enclosed with windows and include a second wood-burning fireplace. The additional space will be ideal for larger family getaways and reunions. Coffeetime’s deck is also being expanded, and its bedrooms are getting new hardwood flooring.

Birches cabin on the north shore also got some kitchen and dining updates this winter. The Birches/Norway cabin combination has become popular for larger family getaways, so we’ve updated Birches’ kitchen and dining area to accommodate guests from both cabins. The screened porch has been enclosed with windows on three sides and now includes more seating for meals. Dinner with a view!

Basketball hoops have been added to our south shore fitness complex, in addition to the tennis, pickleball, and racquetball courts and the exercise room. And just in case you want to get a work out in without leaving the water, outdoor fitness equipment is being added to our south shore sundeck.

In other great news, our local grocery store is being rebuilt after being lost to a fire in 2018. The new and expanded Zup’s is under construction on the same site as the previous store and is slated to open in May of this year.

In our 2020 season, Ludlow’s will be offering an expanded kids’ fishing program as well as cabin catering options! Stay tuned for more information!It’s snowing in Cook, Minnesota, but we’re looking forward to spring and our 81st season welcoming guests to our Lake Vermilion Resort. Check availability for our newly updated cabins, and we hope to see you this summer!