How to Plan the Perfect Family Fishing Trip at Ludlow’s

Ludlow's Island Resort

Jul 14, 2023
Jul 13, 2023
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Reel in Adventure at Ludlow's

When introducing kids to the joys of fishing, Ludlow’s Island Resort offers an experience like no other.

With knowledgeable guides, exciting fishing derbies, and a range of options tailored to each age group, kids of all ages can learn the basics and hone their skills, enjoying an unforgettable fishing experience on beautiful Lake Vermilion.

Fishing Fun for the Little Ones

Ludlow’s makes it easy for young anglers to test the waters and start learning fishing basics with user-friendly cane poles. There’s excellent fishing right off the docks at the resort, with kids reeling in everything from bluegills and perch to bass and even northern pike.

Our staff will help the kids master the fundamentals, teaching them how to bait the hook with nightcrawlers and corn and how to take the fish off the hook after a catch. 

Weekly Fishing Derby

Once kids get the hang of it, they can put their skills to the test in Ludlow’s Weekly Fishing Derby, where they try to catch as many fish as possible in 20 minutes. A ton of fun for the kids and parents; the one who catches the most fish wins the derby and walks away with a trophy and usually a new love for fishing.

5 to 9-Year-Olds

This is the age where kids can advance from the cane poles and docks to a push-button rod and head out onto the water. While most fishing guides on the lake only offer 4-hour trips or longer, Ludlow’s offers a shorter 2-hour guided fishing trip which is a game changer for young kids. The 2-hour trip is perfect for those with shorter attention spans!

Your fishing guide will have everything you need, including the rods, reels, bait, and of course, knowledge of the best fishing spots on Lake Vermilion. They’ll take you and the kids out on the water, helping the kids (and parents!) with anything they need, whether a tangle in the line or techniques to reel one in.

The 2-hour guided trip is typically the turning point where kids really get hooked on the sport. 

The Tweens

Slightly older and more responsible, the tweens can strike out on their own, renting a rod and either a paddle boat or hydro bike, and fish on their own or with friends. They can get set up with all the necessary gear and any instruction or demos at our Bait and Tackle Shop on the Island.

While most at this age have more experience fishing and feel comfortable baiting the rods and taking off the fish, if it’s their first time fishing or they’re not entirely comfortable, the 2-hour guided fishing trip is a great option and typically a good way to gauge their interest level in fishing.

The Teens

The 14 to 18-year-old crowd would enjoy our longer, 4-hour guided fishing trip. The guide can help hone their skills and take them to more great fishing spots on the lake.

At this age, teens also rent their own boats and equipment and fish for the day at their own pace. They’ll often take out their younger brother or sister, passing along their fishing knowledge and the skills they’ve learned.

Our Fishing Expert

To ensure you have the best experience fishing out on Lake Vermilion, the best thing to do is reach out to Michael Andrews, head of guest services, and he will make sure everything is set up even before you arrive.

As the saying goes, a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.

So while you may not reel in as many as you’d like, heading out on the lake for a day of fishing is always worth it, surrounded by beautiful scenery, unique geology, and plenty of wildlife, including eagles and loons.

Learn more about our guided fishing trips, and we’ll take care of everything you need for a fantastic time on the lake!